Máy hàn cáp quang Eloik ALK-88


Máy hàn cáp quang Eloik ALK-88

Model NO.: ALK-88                          Type: Fiber Optic Connectors
Wiring Devices: MDF                         Certification: CE, ISO                
Splicing Time: 7s                              Heating Time: 14s  
Operation Language: English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish,Thai language.

1. Hardness: Titanium alloy body, and rubber protection structure for shock, water and dust resistance, connection points reinforced with silica gel. 
2. Fast: 7s fast splicing , 14s fast heating, support continuous heating , average efficiency improve 2-3times.
3. Long lifetime: 1 group batteries, 200——260 times splicing and heating, no memory effect Lithium Batteries, the fiber cleaver has 16 blade, 
each blade for 3,000 times cutting, total for 48,000 times cutting.
4. Convenience: Convenient for maintenance
5. Ten languages: Chinese, English, Russian, Portuguese, French, Spanish,Italian,Polish,Thai language
6. Online software upgrade and technical support.

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