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Pilot Fleet Unify

Intelligent multi-technology autonomous platform for remote data collection, management, analysis and reportingA5.Pilot Fleet Unify Brochure V2.8


Pilot Fleet Unify is a multi-technology and fully autonomous system for mobile network service testing, benchmarking and monitoring. The system also provides centralized probe and test case management, as well as automated post processing and reporting. The system is scalable, which allow users to dimension the data collection and analysis requirements according to the budgeted cost.

Pilot Fleet Unify supports DingLi's entire drive test product portfolio including Pilot Pioneer, Pilot Walktour, Pilot Scout, Pilot RCU, and Pilot Walktour Pack. All data collected by DingLi’s data collection solutions will be centrally stored and managed for post processing and analysis purposes

Based on distributed deployment, Pilot Fleet Unify is capable of handling large volumes of data uploaded remotely, for storage, automatic pre-processing/processing, reporting, and analysis. It also supports simultaneous multi-users operation, multi-test task requests, and processing. All these functions significantly reduce overall workload and improves efficiency.

Other key features of the system includes Project Management, Device Management, Test Plan Management, Device Monitoring, Data Management, Statistics Report, etc.

Main Product Features

Multiple Technology

Pilot Fleet Unify is a multi-technology and fully autonomous system for mobile network service testing, benchmarking and monitoring. 
Supported technology includes: GSM/GPRS/EDGE/CDMA/EVDO/WCDMA/HSPA/HSPA+ DC/LTE/LTE-A Pro/LTE-IoT

Centralized Device Management

Pilot Fleet Unify supports and manages Dingli’s entire drive test data collection solution which includes: 
• Autonomous drive test measurement probe i.e. RCUs 
• Portable measurement devices for indoor and outdoor test i.e. Pilot Walktour (iOS and Android) and Pilot Walktour Pack 
• Designated hotspots positioning test equipment i.e. Pilot Scout, Pilot RCU 
• Dedicated drive test tool i.e. Pilot Pioneer Users may manage all devices, configure flexible test plans, control test tasks, and monitor device status from the centralized platform.

Centralized Data Management

Pilot Fleet Unify is capable of handling large volumes of data uploaded remotely, and supports user-defined conditions for data file query. This data storage management (with historical data files) will not only assist in analysing trending data where critical information cannot be captured with short term tests, but also enable users to compare and analyse critical data from the past to assist with present network optimization tasks. 
The data management also has the housekeeping option to configure specific data type and its storage period to be automatically deleted once the storage period expires.

Real-Time Monitoring

Some of the real-time monitoring functions that can done in Pilot Fleet Unify: 
Device working status and online devices 
Abnormal network events and alarms 
Events and parameters monitoring and display 
Email notification triggered by device alarm

This allow real-time monitoring of the measurement probe’s data and geolocation on the map window. This feature is particularly beneficial when a large volume of data needs to be uploaded to Pilot Fleet Unify, but instant analysis and monitoring of the data is necessary.

Integrated Analysis Functions

Various analysis functions to troubleshoot network issues through the analysis of measurement samples, events, parameters, etc. The key attributes to this powerful feature include 
• Able to handle large data volumes e.g. daily analysis of 2TB data 
• Customized analysis conditions, output, and display modes 
• Customized data query with SQL statement 
• Multi-dimensional data query, e.g. based on samples, events, services, etc. 
• Online data replay on Pilot Fleet Unify Web for analysis 
• Verifies data files validity. 
• Online data re-decoding, re-analysis and re-import to the database on Pilot Fleet Unify Web 
• More than 100 specialized analysis functions, e.g. VoLTE Exception analysis, VoLTE Delay analysis, CSFB analysis, Scanner analysis, to name a few

Flexible Statistics Report Function

• Data preprocessing allows instant statistics reports generation 
• Provides various statistics report templates for all test services 
    o Benchmarking Report 
    o User-defined statistics reports 
    o Database-based reports 
    o Automatic reports generation by day/week/monthly/quarterly 
    o Interactive reports that are displayed with graphs, tables and details 
    o LTE data statistics, VoLTE, Carrier Aggregation (CA), and PBM reports

Custom Alarm Events

For real time mobile network exceptions detection during test and monitoring, Pilot Fleet Unify user may customized real time event alarms based on measurement parameters for instant notification through email or SMS.

Database-based Report

This reporting capability eliminates the limitation of logfiles based reporting in terms of file count and data volume. It comes with: 
• More statistics contents, e.g. statistics for KPIs, alarms, workorders, and abnormal events root cause 
• Faster report generation and larger volume 
• Multi-dimension statistics modes: by month, day, project, region, data, details and KPIs 
• MS Excel and Word formats 

Intelligent Workorder

An autonomous mobile network diagnostic process which includes problem detection, intelligent diagnosis, workorder assignment, handling, and automatic verification. The entire automation process ensures that the mobile network performance is continuously optimized, with minimal operational headcount and cost.

Online Data Replay with Pilot Fleet Unify Web

The replay function synchronizes all the related information (from different display windows) such as events, measurement parameters, measurement plots on the map, and signaling messages. It also provides the flexibility to replay data based on the selected ports or network. 
This is further enhanced with 
• Data Replay for Analysis: support smart analysis, event query result display, and one-click replay of corresponding data according to the workorder details 
• MO/MT Union Replay for Analysis: 
• Custom Parameters Window 

DCF Data Format

The DCF data format, supported by the rest of Dingli data collection portfolio (as an alternative data collection format) is supported with Pilot Fleet Unify. It is a much more efficient format in terms of loading speed and size, and allow for optional contents to be saved.

Pilot Scout 3.0

Supports Pilot Scout 3.0’s new functions e.g. MO/MT test with POLQA (MOS) audio quality measurement, and simultaneous dual-channel LTE 3CC CA test. This also includes Pilot Scout 3.0’s test plans configuration, test data decoding, test data analysis, device monitoring and statistics reports generation.

Test Route Planning and Automatic Navigation

Once connected to Pilot Fleet Unify, Pilot Walktour Android V3.7 may obtain test route plan from Pilot Fleet Unify for outdoor test and measurement, based on automated navigation. 
(Note: This function is unique to Pilot Walktour Android 3.7 and later version)

Verifying Data Files Validity

Before the actual analysis and reporting, users now can verify the validity of the data through initial filtering process to eliminate any abnormal files or services. 
These are basically conditions that did not meet the initial user defined thresholds e.g. test duration, distance, throughput level, coverage and quality level etc. 

NB-IoT Test

Pilot Fleet Unify system (version 2.7 onwards) supports NB-IoT test and monitoring with upcoming releases of Dingli’s portable remote test equipment namely, Pilot Scout 3.0 and 2.1, with the following features 
• NB-IoT test data decoding 
• Various data presentation options, such as map, message, and event windows 
• Real-time test monitoring 
• Test services such as FTP, Ping, Iperf, and UDP 
• Corresponding KPIs statistics 
• Customizable NB-IoT reporting 
• Data replay 

LiteProbe Device and Measurement Support

DingLi’s LiteProbe is an extremely portable LTE-IoT Radio Access Network test and measurement device. It is a practical solution to simulate the actual LTE-IoT sensors’ physical location or placement, and directly display the measured quality. Pilot Fleet Unify autonomous solution enhances the measurement capability by supporting remote device management, real-time test status monitoring and data processing of geographically distributed LiteProbe devices.

Test Route Management

Various formats (*.shp, *.kml) of pre-defined test routes for highway, streets, railroad etc can be used by network tester to verify the routes travelled during the test. These categorized test routes are also used for various analysis options and statistics generation with Pilot Fleet Unify analysis platform.


Customer may dynamically dimension the system requirement according to utilization. 
Remote operation, management and automated processing allows little headcounts to cover wide geographical test areas 
Customer may focus headcount utilization in other areas in the network 
Save on operational cost where network testing and data collection are conducted by remote probes, while data analysis and reporting can be automated. 
Mobile network issues can be intelligently detected, analyzed, troubleshoot and optimized with minimum effort and greater efficiency.

Main Use cases

Regional or Nationwide performance benchmarking

The distributed remote network monitoring test probes can be assigned to regions or simply country wide, where regional based performance evaluation can be assessed, similarly on a country level. This can be used to ensure the network operator's overall performance comply to the QoS and KPIs set by regulatory body, or simply to benchmark the performance against competing network operator.

Improve Cost Efficiency and Resource Utilization

Traditional wireless network test and measurement process, with frequent dedicated drive test and large operational resource can now be optimized with a more efficient and unattended test probes, with centralized database for storage and management. This helps to tremendously reduce the overall time taken from data collection, processing, analysis, reporting and troubleshooting. Not only that, it minimizes the amount of resources and cost required, to manage the overall activities through Pilot Fleet Unify system.

Centralized Management of All DingLi's Data Collection Products

As Pilot Fleet Unify also processes data collected from other DingLi's products (such as Pilot Walktour, Pilot Walktour Pack, and Pilot Pioneer), it acts as the centralized data management and processing centre for the entire DingLi's data collection portfolio. Customers do not have to process data collected from different DingLi's products, separately. Such centralized data management and processing allow a streamlined analysis, using a common engine, which therefore providing a consistent result.


Please consult DingLi sales or technical sales representatives in your region for the recommended hardware and software specifications, based on specific system dimensioning.

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