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Pilot Walktour Pack

Highly portable outdoor and in-building benchmarking and monitoring solutionA5.Pilot Walktour Pack Brochure V3.7


Pilot Walktour Pack is a portable multi-technology and multi-device test and measurement solution for mobile network quality and services performance. It is a solution with integrated sling or standard backpack (with built-in battery), that can hold up to 2(e.g. sling backpack) or 8 (e.g. standard backpack) test devices and an iPad as the control unit. The system provides powerful functions for portable multi-network benchmarking. Data interaction is achieved by connecting the iPad and smart phones via Wi-Fi/USB Cable. Pilot Walktour Pack's unique design and configuration allow users to perform network performance measurement and verify services quality in a convenient way.

Main Product Features

Portable Backpack Solution

It is an integrated solution consisting of sling or standard backpack, built-in battery, and a casing that can hold up to 2 (e.g. sling backpack) or 8 (e.g. standard backpack) test devices and an iPad as the control unit. A maximum of eight handsets (powered by the built-in battery) may support up to 8 hours of operation. The device status, test progress, and alarms from multiple devices can be monitored simultaneously. In addition, users may import and export test plans for easy configuration. The iPad is used to control test devices for voice and data service tests through USB or wireless connection. Pilot Walktour test devices (iOS and Android) are supported.


Indoor and Outdoor Test Environment

Pilot Walktour is not only designed for portable multi-device benchmarking purposes, but also to utilize that capability for indoor or outdoor test. It has features that complies with both scenarios. Indoor floor plan support with pin-pointing positioning can be easily operated on the iPad while users starts to walk with the backpack. Outdoor testing is made possible with online/offline Google map and GPS devices support for geo-location.

Automatic Indoor Positioning

Connect to a mini high-accuracy pinpointing device (integrated with a gyroscope) called "WALK" through Bluetooth, where the tester’s indoor navigation and measurement (e.g. pinpointed indoor location) are automatically and accurately positioned.

LTE Carrier Aggregation (CA) Test

Multiple FDD-LTE/TDD-LTE CA modes supported. Real-time multi-terminals monitoring of CA measurement, network resource allocation, network, quality, data rate, etc. Real-time monitoring of key events, such as secondary component carrier (CC) modification, CA handover, and secondary CC activation
Note: VoLTE/CA test is verified only in limited regions with dedicated terminals. To use the terminals for VoLTE/CA test in your region, please contact Dingli support in advance for verification.

VoLTE Test

Benchmarking VoLTE test (FDD /TDD-LTE). Audio quality measurement with POLQA MOS with standard backpack (upto 4 MOS tests) and sling backpack (single MOS test). Real-time monitoring of MOC/MTC SIP signaling, decoding details, and VoLTE events.
Note: VoLTE/CA test is verified only in limited regions with dedicated terminals. To use the terminals for VoLTE/CA test in your region, please contact Dingli support in advance for verification.


Real-time Statistics and Custom Statistics Reports

Real-time statistics information (e.g. attempt count, success count, speed) of the current network technology can be displayed. This function is available for voice and data services test. Flexibility to design reports according to project requirements, and import or export the report as required.


High-speed Rail Test and Subway Test (China Only)

Integrated with High-speed rail and Subway maps of the main cities in China. Draws an accurate GPS route and perform automatic pinpointing on maps accurately once the subway arrives at the station even if there is no GPS signal.

User Friendly and Simplified Operation

Pilot Walktour Pack can be easily operated by a single engineer or technician. The devices can be automatically connected, while the configuration can be pre-customized according to test requirements before starting the test. All operations are managed through the iPad controller which can start/stop the test as required, monitor the data in real-time for any unexpected behaviour, and remotely upload the collected data to FTP server or Pilot Fleet Unify server for storage, processing and instant analysis.

Multi-technology Support

Pilot Walktour Pack is a multi-technology solution, essentially supporting all technologies that can be supported by the Pilot Walktour test devices that are used with Pilot Walktour Pack. These technologies include GSM/UMTS/LTE-A.

Various Voice and Data Service Test

The tests supported by Pilot Walktour Pack covers a wide range of traditional voice and data services, as well as more recent social media service such as Facebook. Voice quality testing now includes both PESQ and POLQA, as well as CSFB, VoLTE, and Carrier Aggregation and for LTE.

Scanning with PCTEL scanner

CW and Pilot scan for multi-RAT (inclusive of LTE, WCDMA, EVDO, CDMA and GSM) with PCTEL IBflex scanner.


All in one integrated solution with smartphones' benchmarking and services monitoring without significant resource utilization
Provides comprehensive network performance data from user’s perspective 
Applicable to various test scenarios (indoor/outdoor) due to its portable design
Uses Pilot Walktour as the test devices therefore leveraging on single investment for multi-purpose usage

Main Use cases

Indoor and Outdoor Network Benchmarking

There are a number of solutions that offers network or technology benchmarking possibility, but Pilot Walktour Pack stands out in terms of most simplified and portable method, with a comprehensive test and measurement capability. The integrated solution ensures easy and quick setup, while the backpack allows the test engineer to roam freely in various test environment, indoor or outdoor.

Leveraging on Existing Pilot Walktour Investment

Customers that have made investments on Pilot Walktour product, will have the option to extend the usage further by adding small investment on the Pilot Walktour Pack with backpack solution. This will entitle them to expand Pilot Walktour usage beyond standalone device testing to multiple device test for network or device or technology benchmarking as well.


  • For detailed information about the models, brands or frequencies of the supported Pilot Walktour devices, please consult our DingLi's Sales or Technical Support

System Controller

iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi+Cellular)
Firmware version: iOS11.0 and earlier version of iOS11.0 that allows non jailbreak of iPad

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