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Pilot Scout 2.1

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Pilot Scout 2.1 is a very compact, multi-technology remote wireless network test probe, that features portability for automated testing. Pilot Scout 2.1 runs on Linux operating system with ARM Cortex-A8 processor. That, together with its highly compact form factor, ensures this remote test probe is highly stable and suitable for small installation spaces or hidden areas. It is a very cost-efficient solution for unattended autonomous measurement, and large-scale deployment. The embedded test modules are designed for stability and ready for testing as soon as the device is powered on. Similar to the other DingLi's multi-modules remote test probes (e.g. Pilot RCU), Pilot Scout 2.1's operation is remotely managed through the Pilot Fleet Unify system that allows users to manage test plans, monitor and control device testing easily in real time at the office or anywhere with internet access.

Main Product Features

Multi-module LTE test

Simultaneous LTE test can be done with two test modules for activities such as VoLTE and data services test benchmarking.

Compact and Cost Efficient

Unlike Pilot RCU, Pilot Scout is designed with a highly compact form factor whilst not sacrificing its services test capabilities. It is a solution with cost efficiency in mind, where a large amount of Pilot Scout test probes can be stationed (as well as for outdoor drive testing) and managed remotely in strategic areas (such as cities, stations, buildings etc.) for continuous real-time active monitoring and testing. Its uniquely compact design means it will not hold as many test modules as Pilot RCU, but has similar test capability as the two.

Flexible test plan configuration

Test plans can be executed and scheduled in various ways to simulate a certain user behaviour. Chronologically arranged test plans allow multiple tests to be executed in a specific time range. It is also possible to only execute tests that falls within assigned time range. Multi-rab testing for voice and data , and session count based testing are also among the available configuration.

Real time Monitoring and Data Transfer for Instant Analysis

Depending on the configuration, both test modules can both be used for testing purposes (while collected data is transferred via Wifi), or one is use for testing while the other for data transfer. In both instances, collected measurement data is instantly transferred to the Pilot Fleet Unify for processing, analysis and reporting. This gives a great advantage for the network operators, as deployment of Pilot Scout in large volume will provide invaluable data for all strategic network locations, for instant performance reporting and troubleshooting.

Various Voice and Data Testing

Pilot Scout does not only support the traditional voice and data testing, but also includes important OTT application test, and other more advanced data performance testing and measurements, to cater for the high speed mobile broadband network such as HSPA+ and LTE.

Network Control for Service test

The network control feature allows the test module to be locked on an assigned Radio Access Network (2G/3G/4G) for test and measurement only within the dedicated RAT.




Real-time and continuous monitoring during major events with alarm reporting
Saving on OPEX instead of manual data collection and testing
Easy to deploy for indoor and outdoor test
Remote administration and automatic processing with Pilot Fleet Unify
Can be used for various multi-technology voice and application data testing
Can be deployed extensively and efficiently for long term projects

Main Use cases

LTE benchmarking testing

As more and more LTE network being rolled-out, LTE services such as CSFB, VoLTE, Video streaming and other data applications (e.g. OTTs) testing are getting more crucial in order to maintain an optimized network and services quality. Pilot Scout 2.1 v12.11 cost efficient and ultra- portable solution (together with Pilot Fleet Unify) delivers such capability with ease, especially for wide scale deployment.

Affordable Solution for Large Scale Network Monitoring

Pilot Scout is compactly designed with less number of test modules per probe as compared to Pilot RCU. This is to compliment the segment, where the amount of test modules or form factor such as with the Pilot RCU, are not necessarily required. This in turn makes Pilot Scout a much more cost efficient solution for the capability it delivers. Large scale network monitoring deployment can be done either in stages (with incremental investment) or a full blown solution.

Non-intrusive and Passive Network Testing

Continuous remote test and measurement can be conducted during special events, densely populated hotspots or within areas with limited space e.g. narrow streets or in a building. Pilot Scout is suitable for both stationary, indoor and outdoor (drive test) usage, with great portability advantage. As the test configuration, probe administration, and data transfer etc. are remotely managed and centrally controlled by Pilot Fleet Unify, it allows Pilot Scout to be used as passive test probe which constantly perform active network measurement.

Base Station Monitoring

Pilot Scout can be deployed by co-locating with the base station or nearby location, to monitor the base station performance. Alarms information will be sent as soon as any issues are detected.

Detecting and troubleshooting network problems from daily test:

Quite often, a short term test is not enough to detect specific network problems. Pilot Scout can be deployed on the site to continuously collect data and detect network problems for troubleshooting.


Compact form factor and portable with small size : 135.5 x 78.5 x 18.8 (mm)
Light weight: about 215 g (with built-in battery) 
Stable with quiet operation, and 24-hour continuous testing 
Remote control and monitoring 
Flexible configuration with dual test modules and 2/3/4 G technologies supported 
Automatic Call (MOS) and data service tests 
LED screen to display device running status and test event information 
Simultaneous tests supported with dual test modules (either of them can be configured as the Modem for data upload) 
Data upload through WiFi 
Automatic and remote firmware upgrade

Supplementary Product Options

Pilot Watcher

Pilot Watcher is a software based solution that is used to locally monitor the performance and measurement of DingLi remote measurement equipment’s test modules. Pilot Watcher runs on an Android tablet and can be connected to a Pilot RCU, and Pilot Scout through WiFi (via a device hotspot) for real-time service test monitoring. Users may monitor the onsite test modules’ parameters, events, MOS score, alarms, GPS-based test routes, test plans, etc., and reboot the Pilot RCU device through Pilot Watcher.

Pilot Watcher can be connected to only one test equipment for monitoring at one time.

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