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Pilot Pioneer Expert

Multi technology reporting and post processing solutionA5.Pilot Pioneer Expert Brochure V10.2


Pilot Pioneer Expert is a dedicated data analysis and reporting solution supporting GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/HSPA+/LTE/LTE-A/NB-IoT/eMTC network technologies. It is an optional post processing module that can be offered together with Pilot Pioneer or as a standalone product. Pilot Pioneer Expert powerful data processing and analysis capability help to accelerate network performance and Quality of Service (QoS) evaluation. The integrated data presentation options, analysis methods, and statistical reports help to locate potential network problems, for necessary action on the network optimization activities. Pilot Pioneer Expert supports large volume data processing, various analysis functions, user-defined KPIs, and filtering functions to allow flexible data analysis.

Main Product Features

Pilot Series Data Analysis

Pilot Pioneer Expert supports the post processing of test data collected by all Dingli's Data Collection portfolio, including Pilot Pioneer, Pilot Walktour (Android/iOS), Pilot Walktour Pack, Pilot RCU, and Pilot Scout. Pilot Pioneer Expert may share test data with Pilot Fleet Unify and provide comprehensive analysis solution for customers

Multiple Network Technology and Various Services

• 2G/3G/4G Voice test and MOS test 
• FTP, Multi-FTP, Ping, Attach, HTTP, Email, Youtube 
• TCP/IP data collection from data services test

Outdoor Test Data Analysis

• Applicable to data analysis of outdoor test environments such as highways, high-speed rail, recreational spots, campus, etc. 
• Multiple maps supported, e.g. Google Maps, Satellite Maps, Bing Map, and Mapinfo 
• Multi-layer management mode: GPS tracks, parameter coverage routes, site, maps, events, and alarms 
• Multiple cell site display modes on the Map, comprehensive cell site information management, search, and quick positioning functions
• Powerful Map functions to faciliate cell coverage analysis, neighbor cell analysis, region analysis, cell line linking, grey background coverage display, etc.
• Various data analysis, e.g. Cell Coverage Analysis, Overshooting Analysis, Extended Coverage Analysis, Mod3 Analysis, Antenna Feeder Reversed Analysis, and Pilot Pollution Analysis, etc.


Indoor Test Data Analysis

• Multiple map sources, e.g. iBwave, standard floor plans, and floor images in the *.jpg, *.png, *.bmp, *.tab formats.

• Indoor test management and test data storage based on building floors
• Indoor test statistics reports

Data Replay and Specialized Analysis

• Data replay with corresponding recorded MOS audio files display
• Auto data synchronization in different windows (e.g. Map, Event, Parameter), and user-defined replay speed and location with the control bar
• Export data to a third-party data format for extended data analysis
• Comprehensive data analysis e.g.
- Interference analysis
- Cell coverage analysis
- Service analysis
- Delay analysis
- Cell coverage analysis
- Parameter quadrant analysis
- Cell statistics and analysis
- CSFB exception analysis
- LTE data exception analysis

Flexible and Customized Statistical Reports

• Meet various statistics requirements
• Pre-define parameters, events, and KPIs for statistics
• Built in filters for data processing
• Statistics reports in the MS excel and word formats
• Various statistics templates

Various Data Presentation Modes

- Switching among multiple workspaces and multiple terminals’ information display
- Data display by Table, Chart, etc.
- Network measurement information display, e.g. radio parameters, network events, service events, and Layer 3 signaling messages
- Network measurement assistant information display, e.g. test progress, real-time statistics KPIs, device alarm and KPI alarm
- Assistant data display modes, e.g. freeze screen, capture screen, and export data files
- Drags parameters from Message Details to Table to conveniently view any measurement updates.

Easy Operation

• Online software update for customers
• Hard dongle license query and online upgrade
• One-click backup and restoring of project configuration
• Movable KPIs display windows
• Various shortcut keys for easy operation

LTE-A Pro Test Analysis and Statistics

NB-IoT & eMTC Test Analysis and Statistics

• Display key parameters of NB-IoT or eMTC test.
• One-click export of NB-IoT or eMTC statistics report
• NB-IoT and eMTC test data analysis

NB-IoT Scan Data Analysis and Statistics

• Data decoding and display of NB-IoT scan data
• Data files export
• Flexible KPIs statistics
• Various NB-IoT scan data analysis, e.g. coverage rate analysis, Mod 3 interference analysis, pilot pollution analysis, etc.
• Export analysis results from map window to *.MapInfo, *.Google Earth, and *. Shape File formats.
• R&S TSME scanner is supported.

- Real-time KPIs Statistics.

• General Statistics (e.g. success count, failure count, delay, etc.)
• Radio Parameters (e.g. the maximum, minimum, mean and median value of key parameters, total samples count, etc.)
• Exceptions (e.g. service exceptions, low MOS score, low throughput, etc.)


Improves data analysis efficiency with automatic data processing, analysis and reporting

Cost effective solution for multi-technology and multiple data sources post processing and reporting

Specialized analysis and statistics functions for quick network performance evaluation on multiple log files data

Predefined and customized reports for quick and easy report generation

Main Use cases

Common Post Processing Platform

Customers that uses different types of data collection solution from DingLi's Pilot series will benefit from using a standardized post processing solution for quick and easy analysis. Data presentation, reporting, and analysis uses the same engine to accurately generate the required result

Network Tuning and Optimization

The wide range of analysis functions available in Pilot Pioneer Expert ensures that important network tuning analysis can be done quickly with precision. Different analysis are available for different stages of the network development lifecycle, allowing users to carry out the necessary optimization activities

Report Generation for In-building Network Planning

A typical in-building network planning and coverage verification activities will produce a significant of data. This data will need to be reported and presented in such manner where it clearly differentiate and associate each floor with the right data. This is critical for network improvement decisions. The Indoor Test Management with Pilot Pioneer Expert, assist in managing such complex data store so it can be processed and presented in a meaningful way.


OS Requirements

Windows 8 (32/64-bit)/Windows 7 (32/64-bit) /Windows XP (SP2 or above) is required.

Recommended Configuration

CPU: Intel ® Core™ i5 
Memory: 2.00 GB 
Display: SVGA; Colour quality must be 16 bit or higher 
Resolution: 1366*768 
Hard Disk: 100 GB or more of free space

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