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Pilot Pioneer

Multi technology (CDMA/EVDO/UMTS/LTE/LTE-A/LTE-A Pro/NB-IoT) drive test solutionA5.Pilot Pioneer Brochure V10.2


Pilot Pioneer is DingLi's multi-technology laptop-based wireless network's performance and services measurement tool. It is an integrated all-purpose product, that can be used for indoor measurement and in-vehicle outdoor drive testing. It is a flexible solution that allows both optional data collection and post analysis module to be offered in a single tool. Various services tests can be conducted with wide range of supported commercial and latest test terminals. Pilot Pioneer is a test and measurement solution that can be applied throughout the network development lifecycle, therefore allowing network and service provider to fully leverage on their investment. The collected data reflects subscriber's perceptions and experience, enabling network operators to fine tune the network to maximize subscriber's satisfaction.

Main Product Features


Supported Chipsets:
(Note:For full list of supported devices and models,please comsult your DingLi Sales or Technical Support for details)

Anite FSR Scanner

LTE-A Pro Test

• LTE-A Pro test with SAMSUNG Galaxy S8 G9500.
• 3CC Carrier Aggregation (CA) and TDD+FDD CA
• 4x4 MIMO and downlink 256QAM/uplink 64 QAM
• Radio parameters and signaling (3GPP Release 12/13 protocol)
• High data download throughput, with maximum throughput approaching to the theoretical value (1Gbps)
• Handover between 2x2 MIMO and 4x4 MIMO 
• Forcing functions, e.g. network locking, band locking and LTE cell locking.
• Real-time CA measurement, network resource allocation, network quality, throughput, etc.
• Display key events, such as secondary component carrier (CC) modification, CA handover, and secondary CC activation, etc.

VoLTE and ViLTE Tests

• FDD-LTE and TDD-LTE VoLTE test
• Qualcomm and HiSilicon chipset-based VoLTE/ViLTE test
• Automatic mobile to mobile VoLTE/ViLTE test
• Single and multi-channel POLQA MOS test solutions
• Real-time SIP signaling and details, and auto VoLTE events display
• Customized VoLTE statistics report

R&S (Rohde & Schwarz) TSME Scanner Measurement and Network Optimization

• R&S TSME scanner is supported to compliment Pilot Pioneer test and measurement capability.
• Top N and User list synchronous signal scanning under NB-IoT, to cater to NB-IoT establishment and development.
• CW and spectrum analysis, and channel demodulation for NRS, NPSS, NSSS.
• Display such parameters as RSRP, RSRQ, RSSI and CINR of each resource block (RB) decoded by the TSME scanner.
• Automatically detect the channel in which the dedicated frequency is under usage, and display the detected channel list and signal strength.
• Support power measurement of timeslot from index 0 to 19, and GP (guard period) and power measurement of subframe from index 0 to level 9

NB-IoT & eMTC Test

• Support HiSilicon and Qualcomm chipset-based NB-IoT test.
• Single test module supporting both NB-IoT and eMTC network technology.
• One-click display of all dedicated NB-IoT and eMTC test key parameters.
• 3GPP Release13 protocol.
• NB-IoT test: Ping, and UDP
• Initiate services under idle mode.
• Display cell reselection event and details of each event, including frequency/ scrambling code, delay, cell reselection type and exception causes.
• Support multiple forcing functions with terminal, e.g. network locking, band locking and NB-IoT and eMTC cell locking, for various test scenarios.
• Multiple AT commands sent sequentially in a cycle manner.

Real-time KPIs Display

• Real-time statistics of test duration, test distance, various network coverage rate and other KPIs.
• General Statistics: test execution count, test status, success rate, delay, etc.
• Radio Parameters: the maximum, minimum, mean and median value of key parameters, total samples count, parameters threshold, CDF and PDF statistics, etc.
• Exceptions: service exceptions, low MOS score, low throughput, etc., instant exception details display with a single click.


Huawei mLAB vMOS Test

Dingli cooperates with Huawei MBB to develop the Huawei vMOS technology. Pilot Pioneer V10.1 has the privilege to introduce and support Huawei Mobile vMOS, which evaluates video quality with vMOS score. The vMOS video experience evaluation (e.g. vMOS scores) is designed to take into consideration the video source quality, start loading time, stalling ratio, and video play duration.

Carrier Aggregation Test

Pilot Pioneer supports Carrier Aggregation test with Qualcomm and HiSilicon terminals, and generates statistics of key parameters (such as MCS, RB, TM, QCI, etc.) for component or aggregated carriers.

Force Functions

Force functions such as lock on frequency, band, and cell are supported with dedicated Qualcomm chipset based devices that has been verified by DingLi, which allow users to perform tests on specific frequencies, bands, or cells.

Powerful GIS Display

Several online/offline map formats (digital, scanned, Google, Bing maps) are supported and can be used for Indoor and Outdoor test purposes.


Scanning functions including Pilot (downlink), CW (uplink & downlink), Spectrum (uplink & downlink), Blind (PCTEL only), and EPS (PCTEL only) scan are available. SIB/L3 decoding is also supported.

  • Customizable Test Plan

Test plans can be customized according to the test services requirement using a test plan template. Such test plan can be saved together into a project where other configurations such as presentation windows, device port for auto detection are also included for quick and easy access.

High-speed Train Test with GPS Trajectory Compensation

A new high-performance GPS device with greater sensitivity and faster positioning is used for high-speed (~300 km/h) train test. GPS trajectory compensation technology is built in the GPS device. This is used to solve the GPS lost or discontinuous positioning caused by high speed or too many obstructions.

Single Site Verification

• The procedure for single site verification includes test, statistics and analysis, and reporting.
• Various pre-defined test scenarios and user-defined test scenarios 
• Multi-dimensional KPIs for single site verification, such as radio parameters, coverage map, peak rate of data service,VoLTE/CSFB KPIs, etc.
•Single site verification reports generation to preview verification results in a convenient way

USB Test Box Integrated with Test Module

Dingli’s USB test box is integrated with test module for mobile network test and measurement.

Commercial Terminals for Service Test from User’s Perspective

Multiple commercial phones for comprehensive network measurement

High Speed Train test
- Genuine iOS iPhone6/6s Plus series
- Samsung S7/S6/S5/Note5/Note4 series 
- Huawei series
- HTC, Sony, Coolpad, ZTE, LG


Maximize investment with both indoor/outdoor capable measurement tool
Able to simulate subscribers’ network quality and services experience
Benchmark the latest multi-vendor/chipset devices’ performance against own/competitor network and services 
Quick to conduct evaluation test on latest technology or network feature
Friendly tool for quick analysis and troubleshooting tasks

Main Use cases

High Speed Train test
Cell site commissioning verification
Device, network, or technology benchmarking 
Services performance verification
Coverage verification
Network quality verification
Interference analysis 
Coverage leakage analysis between indoor and outdoor cells 
New service introduction testing
Inter-RAT/Inter-frequency handover or cell reselection 
Available bandwidth capacity testing with Dingli's PBM


For the full list of device models, brands or frequencies supported by Pilot Pioneer, please consult our DingLi Sales or Technical Support for details


Standard Configuration CPU/Memory/Hard Disk Operating System Microsoft Office
(Installation Version)
Standard configuration CPU: Intel I5-4210
Memory: 4 GB
Hard Disk: 250 GB 7200 RPM
Windows 7/8/10, 32-bit/64-bit 2007/2013
CA test CPU: Intel I7-5500
Memory: 8GB
Hard Disk: 500GB 7200 rpm or 256 GB SSD
Windows 7/8/10, 32-bit/64-bit 2007/2013
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