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Pilot Scout 3.0

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Pilot Scout 3.0 is newly designed from the ground up to meet the demanding test and measurement requirements of the latest 4G LTE network features. This version of Pilot Scout comes with an impressive list of new features, with high-performance CPU and built-in high-sensitivity GPS chipset among them. It is an autonomous mobile network test equipment with a compact design and highly stable operating system. This makes it suitable for small or discreet installation spaces, while being remotely managed by Pilot Fleet Unify system for automated testing and backend data processing. Pilot Scout 3.0 is the latest addition to Dingli’s remote test equipment portfolio.

Main Product Features

A Dedicated Modem with Two Multi-technology Test Modules

Two built-in test modules for dedicated 2G/3G/4G-LTE/LTE-IoT voice and data services test. An independent modem for real-time data upload, and post processing.

Supported Technologies

4G LTE (2CC/3CC), LTE-IoT (NB-IoT/eMTC).

High Performance Intel X86 CPU (quad-core processor)

Meets the high-performance standard required for 3CC testing.

4x4 MIMO Antennas

Caters to the 4x4 antenna diversity technology required by the 3CC modules to supports more bands and frequencies.

Dedicated LTE-IoT Test and Measurements

Upto 2 supported test modules can be used with Pilot Scout 3.0 (v14.2 onwards) for dedicated LTE-IoT (NB-IoT/eMT testing)

Automatic Indoor Positioning

When Pilot Scout 3.0 is connected to Pilot Watcher for onsite measurement configuration or real-time monitoring, it can utlize the automatic indoor positioning for any indoor testing scenario with or without supported floor plan map.

Test with External Smartphone Devices

The external two USB ports on the Pilot Scout 3.0 can be used to connect supported smartphone test devices. This will provide the option to test with either the built-in test modules or actual user devices.

MOC/MTC test with POLQA (MOS) Audio Quality Measurement

16k and 48k (samples rate) MOC/MTC test with POLQA (MOS) audio quality measurement for Super-Wideband (SWB) voice codec, and applicable to various broadband networks.

Test Status Monitoring with Pilot Watcher

Pilot Watcher tablet can be connected to Pilot Scout 3.0 through WIFI hotspot created from Pilot Scout for real-time monitoring of network events, parameters, and measurement routes with GPS positioning. It displays Pilot Scout current measurement status and test plans.

Centralized System Management, Administration, Reports Generation, and Control

24x7 automatic measurement and remote management through Pilot Fleet Unify

Services Testing Under All Major Network Technologies

Including voice (PESQ/POLQA MOS), application services, data throughput performance (SpeedTest, OpenSignal), video play/streaming and many more.


Real-time and continuous monitoring during major events with alarm reporting
Saving on OPEX instead of manual data collection and testing
Easy to deploy for indoor and outdoor test
Remote administration and automatic processing with Pilot Fleet Unify
Can be used for various multi-technology voice and application data testing
Can be deployed extensively and efficiently for long term projects

Main Use cases

4G-LTE Network Features and Performance Verification

To test and verify key network features of 4G-LTE, high performance test equipment is critical to ensure the necessary parameters and data can be capture accurately. This includes a system with high performance processing power and software platform, the latest 4G-LTE CA 2CC/3CC test modules, 4x4 MIMO antennas, P.OLQA voice quality evaluation and many more.

Affordable Solution for Large Scale Network Monitoring

Pilot Scout is compactly designed with less number of test modules per probe as compared to Pilot RCU. This is to compliment the segment, where the amount of test modules or form factor such as with the Pilot RCU, are not necessarily required. This in turn makes Pilot Scout a much more cost-efficient solution for the capability it delivers. Large scale network monitoring deployment can be done either in stages (with incremental investment) or a full-blown solution.

Non-intrusive and Passive Network Testing

Continuous remote test and measurement can be conducted during special events, densely populated hotspots or within areas with limited space e.g. narrow streets or in a building. Pilot Scout is suitable for both stationary, indoor and outdoor (drive test) usage, with great portability advantage. As the test configuration, probe administration, and data transfer etc. are remotely managed and centrally controlled by Pilot Fleet Unify, it allows Pilot Scout to be used as passive test probe which constantly perform active network measurement.

Remote and autonomous indoor test

Pilot Scout, which is remotely controlled, can be deployed in densely populated public places, such as Shopping Mall, office building, metro station, airport, etc. Pilot Scout can be used to conduct long-term indoor tests, collecting high volume data reflecting true network quality and performance.

24x7 network monitoring to detect and troubleshoot network issues

Quite often, a short-term test is not enough to detect specific network problems. Pilot Scout can be deployed on the site to continuously collect data and detect network problems for troubleshooting.

Cell Site Monitoring

Pilot Scout can be deployed by co-locating with the cell site or near it, to monitor the cell site performance. If any error is detected, Pilot Scout may send out alarm information.


Refer to the product brochure

Supplementary Product Options

Pilot Watcher

Pilot Watcher is a software-based solution that is used to monitor the onsite performance and measurement of DingLi's unattended measurement equipment. Its an alternative option to remote monitoring and control of this equipment from Pilot Fleet Unify system. This is particularly useful for onsite troubleshooting and management by the technician, in case the remote connection to Pilot Fleet Unify is interrupted for some reason.

Pilot Watcher runs on an Android tablet and can be connected to a Pilot RCU, and Pilot Scout through WiFi for real-time service test monitoring. Users may monitor the onsite test modules/devices parameters, events, test routes geo-position, and device status. Test plans can be viewed, edited, and assigned to individual modules/devices. Pilot Watcher can be connected to only one test equipment for monitoring at one time

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